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For some, it may be hard to see the importance of booking experienced bar staff for a party. In fact, it’s incredibly simple – it takes your party to a professional level, where you can be sure that everything is bottled.

If you would like a successful beer, beer and wine bar for your next event, we have the right bar staff for you.
We have delivered to both private and companies, big and small parties, and to more festivals. Then you will be assured of experienced and service-minded bar staff, so we have the right staff for you.
Prices start at DKK 300, – per hour.

Cocktail barriers – an exclusive touch
Book our cocktail barriers and meet people with a passion for the good craftsmanship. You get professional people with great experience to serve and mix your cocktails. A cocktail bar gives the party an exclusive touch and makes the visit to the bar an experience.
Prices start at DKK 400, – per hour.

Solution Packages

If you want a juice, cocktail or theme bar, we offer different solution packages:

You can choose the complete package where the bartenders and / or cocktail barenders come with everything that is essential to have in the bar. You will experience a high level of service, profit and atmosphere and you only need to enjoy the tasty drinks.

You can also choose the buy-yourself package, where we come with bartenders and / or cocktail barriers. You stand here to buy the essential aspects of the bar, and our staff just meet up.
When choosing this package, you will receive advice on shopping list, so there are definitely the necessary things behind the bar to make a successful party.

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Contact us for special solutions and prices – we can deliver virtually everything, but we only deliver quality.

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