Event Staff

· We provide presentable and professional staff, always with a smile on the lip ·

Staff who create good experiences and communicate your values ​​and messages. All employees have different qualifications, so we can provide both skilled servants, bartenders and various types of event staff. Common to all of them is that they enjoy providing good service that helps to make your event complete and successful.

Quality over quantity
In order to ensure the high quality, we have all our staff in a personal conversation before hiring. We take pride in finding the right people for each job. We work from the slogan “Real people – Real Smiles”, as the most important thing for us is that our staff are qualified can think of themselves, perform a service tailored to the individual audience and radiate the values ​​you want to broadcast .

We love our staff and know you will do the same
Our staff is much more than a cool look. They are charming and natural personalities, taught in their subjects and last but not least sympathetic.
The importance of hiring the right staff for an event is bigger than you think. We make great sense that the staff supports your values ​​and desired expressions.

We dress our staff properly
Whether it’s waiters, bartenders, or event staff, we make sure that they are in every way dressed properly for each task. We do this both in relation to briefing, training and dressing.

Book staff at Pift ApS

If you would like to hear more about booking staff for your next event, please contact us for information about the staff we can offer you.

”Real people – Real Smiles”

We take pride in finding the right people for your event. The most important thing for us is that our staff are qualified, think about themselves, perform good service and give you the best experience.