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Pift ApS consists primarily of Anna Nørgaard, who started the agency in 2011. The starting point was a desire to return the term “event” to its status as well as to enhance the quality of promotional and event staff in the industry.

More of “That there”
The goal was to bring more of “That there” back to the event world, where there are almost no limits for what can be called an event. “That there” is not something that can be described, it’s the magic man can not put on words like when you’re in love and just knowing that’s right, but can not say why.

“To us, it is about creating a synergy between the customer’s wishes and the guests’ experience, creating consistency from start to finish and not least creating an experience universe that inspires and stays amazed and thus remains in memory. Can we get people for just a moment to disappear into the atmosphere of mood we have built up, we believe that we leave behind a continuous experience with them – this is the magic of the event industry. “

With inspiration from the slanting boards
The office is a product of Anna Nørgaard’s passion for and experience from theater, music, disco, promotion, event and the decorative world. When she in the teens herself stepped on the slanted boards, attention was not just on her own behavior, but as much on the scenography and costumes as the small parts created the great whole. She was already involved in the work behind the stage, and from an early age, Anna has had theater and music in the blood, as well as the desire to create an experience universe for all senses.

“Flooring gives the best overview”
Just flooring from several aspects of the industry gives a great strength in the organization. The nine-year experience in the discotheque industry, and almost as many years as promoter / event girl, staff manager and external writer for various event agencies, combined with a theoretical foundation in marketing, communication, aesthetics and culture, provides the right know-how to to create quality in the work of the agency.

“One should have tried to sweep a sports hall, steam 150 sheets or make coffee for 500 people to understand how long it takes. Such knowledge and experience is an indispensable element in the planning and settlement phase, the goal of which is to optimize to make the best use of resources. Here you can leave the task to us. “

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